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Mineral Specimen Photography
Backgrounds  and setups - Conclusion

For mineral specimen photography  a table top setup with a glass plate can be used in two principal ways:

1. With a camera in vertical view mounted on a repro stand. The specimen is mounted above the glass plate so the level of the glass plate is never in focus if the aperture is set to  maximal sparpness at f=8. Small depth of focus is  overcome by (general) using of remote control software and automated stacking by focus control of the camera lens.  Due to a black sheet under the glass a perfect black background is the result, small dust particels do not disturb as not in focus.
The back background can reasy replaced by other backgrounds.  Coloured spots allow colour accents (spots).
A white background is possible with a white or semitransparent  arcryl  glass sheet on the glass in conjunction with a balanced backlight. Also here the specimen is mounted above the background level, to avoid troble from debris.

2. With the camera mounted in inclined view on a tripod or another stand the glass plate over  black and with a black backshield produces a fine black background, which can combined with colour spots or coloured backgroun from below the glass plate. Background light must be in balance to specimen lightning. A white background is possible with a white or semitransparent  arcryl  glass sheet on the glass in conjunction with a balanced backlight typically unter a light tent or diffusor tunnel. Minor reflections of the specimen on glass plate, dust and debris  can be removed by simple retouching.

 The setup can handle specimen sizes of filed of views from 2 to about 25 cm. For larger specimens a (additional) curved table top or a upscaled glass plate  is essential.

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