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The Zeolite Homepage of Volker Betz
Mineral Photography

 Volker Betz, Taunusstein, Germany

I started to photograph mineral specimens about 1970 and published my first paper about mineral photography in 1974 (in German). Mostly I used my pictures to illustrate my  papers about minerals and collecting them. At that time I used a Rolleiflex SL 66 and a Nikon FM camera. But also others asked me to do that for books and magazines. During the 1980th and 1990th I did not photograph much,mostly it was a question of time. Now with the availability of digital cameras and multilayer software I am more active again. It is now possible to make pictures of small crystals which before have been a dream. For objects smaller than 20 mm I now photograph using multi focus (multilayer) techniques with Helicon Focus software and the photo sets shown below.

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Setup for specimen photography


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