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The Zeolite Homepage of Volker Betz
Mineral Specimen Photography
Vertical view

Setup with clear glass for black background.

Canon EOS 450 camera with Canon EF-S60 mm Macro lens, connected via USB-Calble to Computer. Remote controlled using Helicon Remote  and Life view of camera  and automated stacking. All pictures are take with f=8 for maximal sharpness.  Focus and exposure time are remote controlled.

Repro stand with attached translation sledge.

Glass plate  ( photo frame) 60x80 cm.

Home made frame of aluminum profiles 50x75 cm to carrry glass plate.

Black cloth for black backgrond. Marked with white string (for better visibility)

Wooden Table with row of switchable power plugs and covered with back paper.
Picture 1 a:  This setup is used for black background.
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 Black on  glass
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