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Mineral Specimen Photography
Backgrounds with colour spots
Backgrounds with colour spots ar popular to bring an extra accent in the picture.  In digital photogrpahy times many do that by replacing alredy present background with a new one by photo editing software.  John Betts gives an explanation how to do: . This is one way some mineral dealers use, and so background can be very uniform. More creative  is the photographic way of making backgrounds.  It is easy made in the vertical setup with black background if a small spot-light  (for example from a fiber optic light soure with colour filters) is directed to the background. For white backgrounds  a coloured  spot is used from below.  If  overused the results may be kitschy.
blue spot
Thomsonite  as epitaxial overgrowth on Natrolite from Hammerunterwiesenthal, Sachen. 7x5 cm.   For this background the specimen is mounted on a glass plate  and a blue sheet was ligtened in some distance below the glass plate. It is important that background  light and light on specimen are properly balanced. 
blue spot 2
Chabazite-Ca from Gamlaraett, Streymoy, Faroer. 40x35 mm.  A less offensive blue spot with less light on background.
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