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Gradient Backgrounds
Gradient background is an alternative to white or black background. It changes from white in the forground  to black in the distance (in reality from almost white to almost black ) . It is a result from shadowing the background if a diffusor tunnel (light tent) is used.  In most cases it is neccesary to have a balanced light from below the white acryl glass background.  
Stellerite 11x8 cm specimen from Gunnedah, Pottinger Co., New South Wales, Australia.
stellerit_rot schwarz
An alternative: Background fading from red to black. White can be replaced by other colours, if the white opaque arcyl glass is replaced by a semitransparent acryl glass and a colour foil below is used. I this case a light from below the specimen is needed. The result is a very dramatic picture.
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