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Coloured Backgrounds

A  coloured foil placed under the acryl glass sheet ( white or semitransparent)  and a balanced backlight will make a colored background. Either with some colour fading  in table top setup, or uniform with a vertical setup.  Like with white to black,  any colour fading to black is possible  if the background is kept into the dark. Test pictures or life view of the camera picture help to adjust light. See also a red to black background.
Dark green crystals of actinolite from Wallhorntörl, Prägraten, Osttirol. 55x35 mm specimen.  Green foil below transparent acryl glass sheet,  150 V Halogen lamp from below. 5 halogen spots, 20 W each, with diffusor tunnel.
Chabazite from  Gamlaraett, Streymoy, Färöer. Specimen of 5x3 cm. With vertical view on glass, a blue background can made using a blue sheet with balanced light below the  glass plate. Both glass plate and background are out of focus to get a smooth undisturbed background.

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