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Mineral Specimen Photography
Table top - black -and more- background on glass plate

Black background in mineral specimen table top photography  is an interesting alternative. It is often not so simple but can give very aesthetic results. As the specimen is resting on a transparent glass, light can directed to the objact also from below. The footprint of this setop is rather large . Glass is not visible, but it refects , so a dark background is essential behind and below the glass plate. The specimen itself  is also reflected on the glass, but the limited dynamic range of digital photography hides this to a large part.
Glass black
Setup used for the picture below. The background  it totally black due to the black table and black cloth behind  the glass plate.
Natrolite from Diamond Island, Five Islands, Nova scotia, Canada. 7.5x6 cm.
blue spot
For a slight blue  light behind the specimen,  a blue sheet is illuminated by a LED (daylight) spot. This spot has to be balanced with the specimen illuminations.
Natrolite from Diamond Island, Five Islands, Nova scotia, Canada. 7.5x6 cm. A soft blue colour behind the specimen as eye catcher, result of the  blue sheet  in the background. Other colours are created by corresponding color sheets. 
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